It’s a very mellow composition to find peace after reminiscing about the past. The whole length of the song feels breathy, melodious and clear. The instruments play out their music smoothly while the vocals are soft and distinct, and yet they stand out of the instruments’ tune.

“The song is about life and the emotional souvenirs we carry with us on our journey.” —says Curtis.

According to Culley, the story behind the single was inspired by “a conversation with my dad on the way to see Daughtry at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. About life’s true currency, the memories that we leave behind with our loved ones after we’ve passed on.”

A wholesome way to honour the simple and sweet moments in life that usually become the best memories.

Beyond that, ‘Emotional Souvenir’ belongs in the top playlists for people looking to listen to music with a message that moves and resonates and brings in peace of mind.
Emotional Souvenir is his first single of 2022, but there’s plenty of music content to discover.
Curtis started out as a solo artist in 2016 Hailing from Felixstowe Suffolk. He uses storytelling and music to create pieces that are aimed to help people express feelings that may be hard to recognize or word out loud.


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Mercedes Thomas