Most of us have this friend who is full of energy and whose presence is refreshing, or maybe that’s us for others. “Emily” by the German band KöTTBULLAR tells the story of that kind of friend and carries the same vibrant vibe as the extraordinary companion.

“KöTTBULLAR” means meatballs in Swedish, so it doesn’t have a profound meaning or anything; it’s just impulsive and tasty, like their sound. The band consists of four IT specialists and obviously talented musicians. Alina on vocals, Viktor on guitars, Yarik on drums, and Liliiaon on bass make up the quartet. 

“Emily” is their debut single, and I’ve got to admit, once I heard it, I instantly became a fan! They’ve got a killer attitude, and their performance is insanely charismatic—the kind that makes you wish for a gig just to hear the song and engage with their lush delivery. They have a distinct chemistry, and all of the ingredients work together to produce an infectious, characteristic sound that combines a hybrid rock/pop sonic thrill with a kicking punk hint.

It kicks off with crisp riffs and steady drumming that entice you to sway. The smooth storytelling makes you meet Emily in person while conjuring up “the Emily” from your own story. The vocal line is fun and alluring, and its vitality invites you to learn the lyrics to sing along while bouncing. The head-hitting cadence and addictive hooks throughout the song set a euphoric atmosphere like genuine friendships do.

You’ll most likely find yourself gripped in a dope realm where you can run endlessly without feeling tired because “Emily” is on repeat. It has the capacity to boost your willpower. Enjoy feeling carefree! And to double the effect, take a look at the artwork; it’s exhilarating.

KöTTBULLAR is planning on releasing new songs monthly, so stay tuned.