Last month, the American multi-instrumentalist Jeff Symonds released “Emily” which is taken from the song “Three Portraits”, on Jeff’s autobiographical debut album Riverrun.

The song provides distinguished country rock vibes indeed, actually, I see more than country or a folk tune, because when you check the track you will find a great rock harmony and tight rhythm indeed. Since Symonds is a very experienced artist as he played bass, keys and guitars for over 30 bands for over 30 years, including sixteen years and counting with Megan Slankard and the Wreckage. Jeff has played over 500 shows in 37 US states and Europe, from national television to your backyard. Riverrun is his first solo release. So with such an impressive portfolio, it’s really hard to find any negative point within his records. Overall, the track is really nice and I really amazed by his vocal tone, because nowadays I can see a lot of talented musicians but their vocal tone isn’t suitable for their style, but this isn’t the case here, because he chose a vocal tone to align perfectly with his music. Although it’s a country-rock hit, you will be amazed by the soloing style which reminds me of iconic ’90s hard rock acts. Check out “Emily” below and don’t miss the music video it’s really nice and serves the idea very well.

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