Rachael Donovan

The Cork-based singer, songwriter, and musician, Kevin Walsh, has just released an empowering ballad anthem with a rocky flavor and a range of vocal talents. “Embrace the World” is here and eager to make a difference in the world.

“A gesture of hope for autism awareness in the community for Ireland and beyond.” -Kevin Walsh

Walsh was diagnosed as autistic at age 5, and despite all the difficulties and challenges he had to face, he managed to become a professional musician with two degrees in music, a multi-talented man, and a big-hearted influencer who cares for others and wants the autistic all over the world to “Embrace the World” and make their own way.

“Embrace the World” gives goosebumps with its powerful message, rock-pop tunes, and the wide range of vocal styles that Walsh said about it: “I wanted to allude to the variety within Autistic diagnoses, as each person on the spectrum is an individual with different support needs and ranges of abilities.”

It kicks off with a straightforward drumbeat and upbeat guitar chords, and once the vocals enter, you feel peace, serenity, and optimism in their voices and in your heart. All the vocalists (Emma Langford, Ger O’Hanlon, Lisa Curran, Molly) and Kevin Walsh, of course, are extremely talented, making the single addictive with their diverse styles, and that’s certainly conveying the intended purpose. It’s such a poignant performance! 

Not only do the vocals have variety, but so does the instrumentation. Each instrument is singing along, aligning with the vocal’s style and delivering the message dynamically. 

The lyrics are inspiring, touching, and each line is like an energy dose to take action, believe in yourself, and obviously, embrace the world. Knowing Walsh’s story and hearing the passionate singing, you just know in your heart that these aren’t just words, that they’re a sincere movement, hoping to make an actual difference.

“It starts with you 

 Reach out and embrace the world.”