A clean-toned, glassy-sounding melody, “Embers And Ashes” takes listeners on a lucid rollercoaster ride, seen through a sympathetic lens of love and compassion. The wet reverbs and vibratos that Eric Maynes uses throughout the track set the mood for a ride unlike any other, putting the listener in a tranquil state of mind, far from the madding ground. The tears on the guitar are results from Eric’s constant exploration of sounds or adding a few chord progressions or bluesy stuff that get embedded within the musical narrative. Recording “Embers And Ashes” put in a little God is an Astronaut and what comes out is a track about getting lost in space that would make David Bowie proud
There’s no denying that some sounds are favorites while others just pass by. It’s difficult to ignore Saves the Witch. Their sound is unlike any other. Their music dazzles and mystifies and “Embers And Ashes” is only the cherry on top of a stack of great tracks waiting for the right listener and the right playlist. 

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Jaylan Salah


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