One Haven’s “Ember” is a lost-in-the-desert kind of track, bringing to mind songs by 3 Doors Down and Everything but the Girl. Thoughtfully arranged chord progressions and mastery of the acoustic guitar segments create an emotive ambiance that draws listeners into a dip-in-nature trance. There’s an earthy sound to the track embroiled within a thin veil of melancholic solitude. “Ember” is an alternative rock ballad that embraces vulnerability which is evident through the touching duet between the band’s lead singer Jason Taylor and his wife Jen Taylor. “Ember” resembles taking a journey in the wilderness, staying up late into the night, singing to the moon, and stargazing across Mohave County. It derives strength from a wildling that blossoms inside the hearts of the listeners. Expressing the yearning and the ache flowed smoothly through the choice of lyrics and the narrative within the songs, especially through the back and forth between the husband-and-wife duo.
One Haven’s music is sincere, raw, and authentic. Their influence by nature of the Red Deer County is evident through their unique vocal and melodic style. “Ember” is their first single, but they still have many music tricks up their sleeve.

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Jaylan Salah