“Electrify” is the latest single by Morrison Reed wherein they mixed electro-punk, and darkwave, and threw in some industrial elements to make a sound that’s as fuzzy and energetic as the title suggests.


The track begins with an electronic bassline followed by an industrial-sounding marching beat by the drums. The moment the vocals join I’m reminded of Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. The strong and grounded middle range that’s full of chest resonance brings home some operatic/theatrical vibes, which will be much appreciated by goth rock and darkwave fans. 

Moreover, the beat and rhythmic approach of this composition makes it fit for dancing (goth-clubbing perhaps?) and the keyboard refrains in the middle add a very melodic element to the otherwise percussive nature of the track. 

But that’s not all, there are 2 great guitar solos (with the same marching beat from the beginning behind them) that make use of wah-pedals and extensive reverb to stay in line with the electric atmosphere of the other instruments/elements surrounding them.

The lyrics of the track are very cool and have enough attitude to grab your attention on the first listen. I know this is a track I’ll be saving in my goth and post-punk favorites playlist for a long time and will most definitely be recommending it to my friends who share the same love for all these elements that were done justice on this masterpiece of a track.