‘Electric’ serves as the follow-up single from the emerging Australian rock artist, Mario Vayne. Following the triumph of his first single ‘Baby,’ he returns with another rock sensation that demonstrates how music can transport listeners through various worlds and time periods. Buckle up and prepare for an unforgettable musical voyage.


Listening to “Electric” without watching the music video means missing out on a lot! In my view, it’s the best rock music video I’ve seen so far in 2024. The filming, graphics, colouring, editing, and overall direction truly make it epic. Created by the Australian multimedia agency Bleo, they were the perfect choice. The video effortlessly transports me back in time, making me feel like I’m reliving the memories of the Golden Rock Era from 40 years ago. The addition of a fantasy ending with an alien audio engineer was a stroke of genius.

If you’re a rock enthusiast who appreciates classic rock, glam, and hard rock from the 70s and 80s, this track will captivate you. The lively guitar riffs and the distinctive vocal effects make it stand out. Mario Vayne‘s music carries a rock-pop essence, and his dedication to songwriting and composing is fueled by his passion. He says “I’ve always believed in following your heart no matter what.”

The guitar solo and melody are truly iconic! Picture blending bands such as Ratt, Def Leppard, and early 80s Bon Jovi – the result is ‘Electric.’ Amazing, right? Mario Vayne embarked on his musical journey at the young age of 11, and over time, his remarkable vocal talent propelled him to the forefront of several bands in Australia and the UK, captivating audiences with his outstanding performances in clubs and pubs.

I fully support the statement in the press kit that Mario Vayne‘s newest single is inspired by classic rock and roll, projecting to revolutionize the music scene. With an expanding fan base and a significant Instagram following, his goal is to create a meaningful impact with his music and visual content. Now, it’s time to get electrified… and watch below!