Hello Folks, and welcome to our Metal Rewind for the Egyptian Metal Scene. As many of you noticed, 2018 was full of joy and tears, many releases and the biggest 4 Metal bands in Egypt had a great active year.

2018 began with one of the biggest achievements in the history of the scene, which was Odious participation in Septicflesh/Inquisition EU tour! It was the first Egyptian band to participate in a massive, 23 show tour with such wide known bands as Septicflesh.

We still with Odious’ activity, Another massive achievement in our scene was to see two of the best and most popular Metal bands in Egypt share the stage together. Witnessing Odious and Scarab on one stage is phenomenal! Especially for those who didn’t witness the good old days back in late 90’s and early 2000’s. It was on the occasion of Scarab’s celebration for their upcoming album “Martyrs of the Storm” and launching a slogan will be Egypt 2019 Metal Slogan “The Storm is Approaching”.


Another great achievement witnessed in the Egyptian Metal Scene was the honorable activity of Crescent. No doubts, 2018 was a happy but also busy year for Crescent; the band released one of the best Egyptian Metal albums in the year “The Order of Amenti”. In addition, Crescent participated in a number of shows in Germany, France, and Ukraine.

Last year also had a wide impressive activity for Medic. Those Egyptian Progressive Metal veterans gave the whole Middle East a gem called “Ascension”. A wonderful story framed in the unique enjoyable Progressive music.

Ahl Sina didn’t want to let 2018 go without their presence, so the band released 3 wonderful, dynamic singles from their epic not yet released masterpiece “Troops of Pain”.

Massive Scar Era also weren’t far Away from Egypt and the Middle East in 2018, as they released a widely successful EP called “Color Blind”, which featured two music videos, UnfollowandColor Blind.” In addition, they had cross Canadian tour for 18 days – check tour details here.

Also, the scene witnessed new singles by many popular bands as Al Azif and Mephostophilis. In addition, we had single releases for impressive rising bands as Riverwood, Thorvald, Chains of Destiny, and Catharsis.

We can’t deny Segadoras return to action, also Meddox Theory released a very good full length album.

Egyptian Depressive Black Metal band Frostagrath released an outstanding single “Under Your Black Wing” featured Sayed Ragai and Devour released a new single called “Freak”

The Greek band Dimlight rocked the stage of the lands of pyramids and Nile, alongside French Heavy Metal legends Nightmare at this last MB Fest night.
But, because the world is not always beautiful, the scene had major problems. First, the tragedy of the final Metal Blast Festival. It was one of the greatest shocks that conquered our scene as it was the only active event for Metal Concerts.

Another shameful trace in our scene, was some childish actions by some bands and fans who didn’t respect the voting system posted by Metal Blast Festival for choosing a band for the opening slot at the final MB Fest.

That was a short reminder for the main events of our Metal Scene in 2018.
Hope things turn be better in the upcoming years.

Edited by: Amged Abdel Moghny.

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