Alright, people. I know you’ve been waiting for this quite a few days now, ha? This year witnessed a lot of ups and downs in the scene as it included a good number of releases, the Metal Blast Festival, many line-up changes, music videos, and Egyptian Metal bands tours outside Egypt.

New Blood in the Scene

This year witnessed the birth of 2 new bands.


It is a new Heavy Metal band formed by Mustafa Gharib, Hazem Mohamed Eid, and Magdy Hanafy. The band released 2 tracks, which are: ‘Woah Mr. Dates, I Didn’t Know You Could Run A Country’ and ‘Warriorid’.

Acts of Ungovernable Melodies

It is a new Oriental Djent one man project by Mustafa Gharib. The band released only one single titled ‘Sazagangi’.

From Egypt…To Egypt

This year we were lucky to see the arrival of number of European bands to Egypt, and it witnessed the performance of a number of Egyptian Metal bands outside Egypt as well.

The Finnish Doom Metal Legends: Swallow The Sun
This year, Egypt witnessed the performance of the Finnish Doom Metal legends Swallow The Sun for the first time in Metal Blast. The concert was held on the 23rd of April at El Sawy Culturewheel.

The Russian Doom Metal band: Inner Missing and The Greek Symphonic Metal band: Dimlight which both participated in Metal Blast Festival Five Heavy Years, along with Medic and Odious.

Inquisition, Dark Fortress and Perversion in Egypt:
Inquisition, Dark Fortress and Perversion managed to perform in Egypt with a limited presence of audience and media especially in the light of the chaos and confusion which surrounded Nader Sadek‘s concerts in Egypt. Sadek’s concerts revived the Satanic worship rumors surrounding metal concerts. Sadek not only has many conflicts with the Egyptian Metal musicians and organizers, but he also had a conflict with Hany Shaker. In mid-2016, Sadek managed to reform his relations with the other Egyptian Metal concerts organizers.

Medic participated in RockFest II in Dubai:
In December, Medic participated In Rockfest II in Dubai for the first time ever.

Scarab tour in the UK
This year, Scarab successfully made a tour in the UK with the Death Metal band De Profundies. They performed in five different English cities, in addition to their participation in Warhorns Festival.

Crescent performed in Romania
Crescent managed to perform unforgettable show in Romania for the first time.

Massive Scar Era tour in Canada
This year, Massive Scar Era band managed to have a tour in Canada.

Nader Sadek in India, Mexico, USA, and Lebanon
Nader Sadek and his band performed for the first time in India with Vader, Skulfist, Severe Dementia, and Inner Sanctum. Sadek also participated in Swarmfeast Festival. He performed in Lebanon, Mexico and the USA.

Who left and who is back?
Through this list, you will know the updates of The Egyptian Metal Scene line-ups.

Divine has a new vocalist
Adham Kafafy from Anarchy joined Divine.

Hate Field‘s New Drummer
Mahmoud Aly joined the Industrial/Symphonic Metal band Hate Field.


Segadoras New Members
This year, Segadoras had many line-up changes. They started the year with announcing Mohamed Rajab as their new lead guitarist and Patrik Khalel as their new drummer. Segadoras faced more line-up changes with the departure of Mostafa Sherif and joining of Ahmed Mostafa instead of him.

Scarab‘s Got a New Drummer and is seeking a New Bassist.
Even Scarab was not in the safe zone from line-up changes. They announced the departure of their bassist and they are still searching for a new one, in addition, they announced that Michel Khater as their new drummer.

Mythos New Members
Mythos band faced some line-up changes in a critical time. They welcomed Ahmed El Kholy as a new drummer instead of Mahmoud Aly and Peter Samir as a new guitarist instead of Mahmoud Al Shamy.

Saqar Lost 2 Members
In late 2016, Saqar announced the departure of their drummer Mahmoud Aly and their bassist Gasser Helal. 

Sinprophecy lost a Sinner
In late 2016, Sinprophecy announced that their guitarist Mohamed “Sheva” Sa’eda left the band.

Thorvald‘s New Vocalist
This year, Thorvald faced many line-up changes as they welcomed their new vocalist Saif El Shazly instead of Amr Hossam, in addition to their new guitarist Omar Wally who left the band after a short time.

Bovem‘s New Vocalist
Bovem announced this year that Mostafa Sokkar left the band and later Mohamed Safwat joined Bovem as their new Vocalist.

Veritatem Solam‘s Guitarist and Drummer Departure
This year, Veritatem Solam faced the departure of 2 members who are Aly Osama El Rawy and Bahaa El Dahaby. 

Enraged is getting re-branded!
Enraged announced the end of their journey and re-branding it. They are currently working on recording their re-branded first release ‘Tyranny’

2016 Metal Releases
This year, the Egyptian Metal Scene has a good number of Metal releases but most of them were Single releases.

  • Act of Ungovernable MelodiesSazagangi (Single)
  • Awaken Within: 
  • Awaken Within (EP) 
  • Night of Glory (Single)
  • BovemCryptic Desolation of Chaos (Single)
  • CrescentPyramid Slaves (Music Video)
  • DivineLies (Single)
  • Frostagrath – Spectral Existence (EP)
  • Hate Field – Holy Brothel (Single)
  • HecateIn Nomine Artem Blackium (Guitar Playthrough)
  • Infernum ExpectatWar of Oppression (Single)
  • Kato Hafez:
  • Belad Al Akhlaa’ (Music Video)
  • Innocence (Single)
  • Massive Scar Era30 Years (EP)
  • MidwinterAll the Suns Are Gone (Single)
  • Nathyr –Al Mamluk (Single)
  • NeruesThe Blooming II (Single)
  • OdiousSkin Age (Full Length / Re-issued)
  • Paul Martin:
  • Chapter II (Full Length)
  • Fire With Me (Single)
  • PHI GridReverence (Single / Demo version)
  • Redemptories: 
  • Warrioride (Single)
  • Woah Mr. Dates and I Didn’t Know You Could Run a Country (Single)
  • Saqar Deed of the Serpent (Single)
  • Segadoras – The Undefeated ft. Ahmed Safwan (Single)
  • Sinprophecy:
  • Through Sacrifice and Redemption (Full Length)
  • War Shall Begin (Music Video)
  • Echoes of Silent Hymns ft. Nour Khan (Single)
  • Thorvald:
  • Wanderer of the North (Single)
  • Ragnarok: The Fall of Odin (Single)
  • Blood Eagle (Full Length)
  • Legend of Beowulf (Single)
  • Veritatem SolamUnholy Protrusions of Divinity (Full Length)


In the end of this article, now you have a full background about what happened in The Egyptian Metal Scene in 2016. Here it is to 2017!

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Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie

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