In the late 90s, I started to give more attention to Egyptian bands, more than the international ones. And that attention only came through Cartoon Killerz’s Tomorrows. I remember one time when I was checking the shelfs in one of the most famous music stores in Cairo at that time and one of the workers told me; “Hey! Take a look at this, they are a new Egyptian band” and I was like “WOW! We’ve n Egyptian record for a band, that’s awesome dude!” In fact, I found by time there were too many bands implementing this, ever since the 80s, famous bands like El Hob W El Salam (Love and Peace) and the well-known by Hussein and Moody El-EmamTeba” (Thebes). Let’s know more about the Egyptian bands that we miss nowadays.

After all these years, I realized that I am fond of the Egyptian artists and bands as I am fond of international legends as well. So, I wanted to share with you which bands that I really miss nowadays.

1. Endangered
An Alexandrian band that really affected my taste and got me more interested – and understand- Alternative rock. Their songs weren’t even up to 10 songs, but each one reminded me of the well-known legends; especially Guns N’ Roses – The old line-up, of course!

2. Odious
One of the few old black metal bands, that were actually alive till recently! Formed in 1998 in Alexandria, the band released their only album in 2007. Yes, 7 years ago! With only 2 members left in the band; we’re really not sure if they’re gonna make any statements this year. Let’s hope for the best.

Poems Hidden On Black Walls from ODIOUS on Myspace.

3. Vybe
A funk-pop band? In Egypt? Yes, we had them once, and boy! They were hell of a band! They were a cool mix of Latin, Soul tracks and they were fun to watch! They had a huge mix of influences starting from Joe Satriani, all the way to Micheal Jackson. It’s too bad they aren’t active anymore.

4. DaVinCi 

They aren’t like any other rock band you know. The band was seeking diversity in each song, and they actually achieved that. More than 10 rockin’ songs that helped them rock outside Egypt as well. They won prizes for their contribution in music. Of course, they are one of the un-forgettable ones.

5. Idlemind

Those were one of the few bands who got me really interested in the Egyptian music scene. When I first saw them on stage, I thought “Hey, we do have good musicians out there!” I remember almost attending every concert they had, and it broke my heart to know they weren’t performing anymore.

6. Promised Dawn

People familiar with this band, are musicians and music fans who were following the scene before 2003. The band announced two years ago to continue their career after splitting-up few years ago. The most well-known song for the band was Jerusalem which demonstrates the lives of Palestinians and how the Israeli troops affected their lives, or even taking it most of the times. I remember that the music video of this song aired on Nile TV International and one of Nile Network Channels.

7. Kravin

Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard the band at least once before they split-up. The news were devastating to every Rock’N’Roll fan out there, cause they really gave a soul to their show. They were really nice to watch and we can’t help but hoping for another band to revive Rock’N’Roll from the ashes.

Lick This from KRAVIN on Myspace.

8. The Artificial Flavor

I remember seeing this band once and I was really fascinated with the nice front lady – we don’t have much of them, you know? – They had a different flavor to bands we are used to listening such as “Scorpions” and “AC/DC”, and of course, adding their touch to their own originals.

Secret Agent from Artificial Flavor on Myspace.

9. Instrumental Therapy 

Yes, music is therapy. I agree. Ayman Khalifa started his project Instrumental Therapy with a couple of other talented musicians, and they really put on a great show and a beautiful musical experience every time they are on stage. It’s unknown why they stopped, but if you miss some of those riffs, make sure you check Ayman Khalifa’s page; He throws solo musical events every now and then!

The Rise of The Kings from Instrumental Therapy on Myspace.

10. Thrashenizer
When Tamer Samadoni started to create a new band after Endangered he made this speed/thrash metal band. Thrashenizer are recognized with many songs and having many musicians from Cairo and Alexandria joining. The band is currently inactive but they still are remembered as the first Thrash – unique – metal band in Egypt.

Mena Ezzat and NJ Bakr

– This article reflects the writer’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board.