Welcome to our 6th annual review of the Egyptian Metal Scene. Surely, 2019 was one of the best years for Egypt’s Metal community over the past 3 years. There was a dynamic status of concerts and tribute acts around the city and we have witnessed the presence of new venues on the map of Metal events in Egypt!, So, are you ready for a short journey through the past 365 days?!

Rock Icons Red Hot Chili Papers Performed at the Pyramids!

A wonderful and unforgettable night performed by worldwide Rock icons RHCP at the epic Pyramids! This event caught the eyes of several international platforms that praised the general atmosphere of the event. Many Rock/Metal lovers expect more international acts because of the success of this event.


The Return of Metal events around town

This year witnessed different Metal acts out the umbrella of annual festivals like Metal Blast Festival. We witnessed different co-organized Metal concerts such as Mythos & Erasing Mankind, Medic & Riverwood, and Riverwood & Wujood. Actually these successful acts pushed more energy and moved the calm waters that the scene suffered from through the past three years! Finally, 2019 witnessed the comeback of Metal Blast Festival as MB team announced preparing for the festival’s return in 2019 and they promised the fans for announcing good news soon.

The map of Metal events venues has expanded to include: The Tap, Room Art Space, Jesuit Cultural Center, and Darb 1718.

The Rise of Tribute Projects

Tribute projects had a strong presence on 2019 Metal map in Egypt! several Tribute Projects returned and did a wonderful activity, Vyrus, Metallica Tribute project, came at the top of those bands as the band performed more than 10 concerts around Cairo in a short period. Another tribute project came back to rock the stage is Invaders, Iron Maiden Tribute project, and performed an unforgettable Metal night. Also, this year witnessed scattered tribute acts for Evanescence, Linkin Park, Savatage, Pink Floyd, and various Classic Rock stars.


Egypt’s Return to Worldwide Wacken Metal Battle

In March 2019, the second Egypt Wacken Metal Battle took place with the participation of 4 bands: Wujood, Mythos, Odious and Veritatem Solam. The winner was Veritatem Solam who delivered a breathtaking performance at the worldwide battles.


A Metal Night at Cairo Opera House!!!

Egyptian Progressive Rock/Metal band Medic succeeded in carrying the title of the first Egyptian Metal band to perform at the outstanding Cairo Opera House. In the presence of a fine number of Metalheads and musicians, Medic led the night to be one of the most unforgettable Metal nights in Egypt.

The Alexandrian Metal Scene Rises Again!

The Alexandrian Metal scene had a share of 2019 Metal activity, in the time of Cairo had concerts and nice activity, Alexandria also was on fire. Medic and Riverwood drove the Alexandrian Metalheads crazy through an outstanding Halloween night. In addition, Mythos succeeded in delivering successful shows in Alexandria, one of them was with the recently founded Erasing Mankind. Moreover, Mythos and Riverwood alongside Kato Hafez enriched the Scene through their activity in 2019.


The Big 3 are in Action

2019 also witnessed activity by the three Egyptian Metal icons. Crescent continued raising the Egyptian flag at various prestigious international Metal festivals and their latest album “The Order of Amenti” still gains thousands of listeners.

While Scarab attracted the attention of Egypt and Africa through their late released “Coffin Texts”! Scarab’s album “Martyrs of the Storm” is one of the most anticipated albums in 2020.

 Finally, Odious succeeded in catching the heat of 2019 after announcing recording their upcoming album a few days ago. Oriental Metal music lovers are madly waiting for more details from Odious.


That was our general overview of the Egyptian Metal Scene, I wish you a rocking new year!!!

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Metal Blast Festival & Menna Hossam, the photo edited by Rana Atef.

Vyrus Photo Courtesy: Vyrus.

Mythos and Erasing Mankind Photo Courtesy: Mythos.

Red Hot Chilli Paper Photo Courtesy: Al Ahram Online.

Veritatem Solam Live at Wacken Photo Courtesy: Veritatem Solam.



Edited by: Mohamed Osama.