Years really do hone the skills; One might possess talent and sensibility, practice like a madman, and have the work ethic of a devoted CEO, But it’s only years of experience, hours spent on the road and in the tracking room that bring that certain final sheen of elegance and effortlessness to the final sound.

Dream of a Man in a Top Hat boasts an impressive back catalog, having been active in prolific post-punk bands all the way back in the 80s, namely, Native Tongue. They are a duo, Lee Leffler on guitars, vocals, and as a lyricist, and Michael Frackleton on drums and bass duty. Thoroughly benefiting from all the luxuries and the technologies of today, this duo isn’t about reliving their glory days from 4 decades back, but about bringing that glory all the way forward to 2022. 

Eggshell Minefield is their latest single, a difficult-to-categorize offering, A mix of adolescent punk feel, with steady rock beats, and psychedelia that seeps through all the cracks. The one thing that’s easy to point out is the great mix. A crystal clear effort that puts the emphasis on everything in the right time. Greatly huge drums with a kick that can kick you back in time, gnarly guitars that occupy that mid-range frequency eloquently, enveloping them is a thick layer of creamy bass that plays a simple, well-spaced out part that perfectly compliments the stoic and rhythmically twisty vocals and vocal melodies. Featuring no particular chorus or verse sections, the song feels trippy, driving, and cohesive.

An expert affair from a duo of gentlemen who are not shy of indulging in the tech of today, resulting in truly grown-up music that’s equal parts fun, intricate, accessible, and ageless.