First Frontier’s Paul’s vocals are evocative; a combination of punk, metal, grunge, and backwoods, with hauntingly powerful backup vocals from Helen. Their scattergun guitar riffs always bring to mind punk rock British bands like The Cure with a hint of garage rock bands like The Hives and The White Stripes. The harmony and synchronicity between Paul & Helen are evident through the merging of the tribal drums and the guitar riffs as well as the vocal euphony. “Edging” has powerful yet simple lyrics that do not take from the alt-rock, garage rock unique sound, the song unfolds and gains meaning throughout its 3-minute run without sacrificing any of its tremendously satisfying moods. Like a No Doubt track played in the middle of a hot afternoon, “Edging” brings to mind the fun listeners used to have while jamming to their favorite punk rock melody waiting for summer to end.
First Frontier defies genres as they state on their website: who knows what genre is anymore? “Edging” is the third single from their forthcoming debut Just Matter EP, a solemn statement of their artistry and creativity.

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Jaylan Salah