Done experimentation and unsettling atmospheres are the norms for music from composer Chris Ianuzzi, and with his latest release, a single titled “Edge of The Earth”, the composer and producer is boldly reaching for new grounds in experimentation and bizarreness.

Based in New York City, Chris Ianuzzi is an electronica composer who fluently twists synths and beats to craft otherworldly vistas with his sound, and on his latest drop, he uses AI to craft matching, otherworldly visual vistas. Rich with stabbing synths and eerie howls from the man himself, not even Ianuzzi would claim that ‘Edge of The Earth’ is an accessible piece of music. Instead, Ianuzzi is working real hard to push the boundaries of his music and his artistic style, and he does so with extreme efficiency. ‘Edge of The Earth’ is a polarizing spark of creative weirdness that relinquishes melody and rhythm for bizarreness and intricacy, achieving in the end a dense, nuanced sound that’s equally energizing and distressing, inspiring and challenging.

Pushing the limits of his creative freedom, and testing the ends of the listeners’ tolerance for discomforting textures and uncommon timbres, Chris Ianuzzi’s latest piece of work is a milestone of peculiarity.