straylove’s latest release is a sprawling affair of organic psychedelia that sounds lush, rich, dynamic, and endlessly compelling. 

The Berlin air hits again with straylove’s latest single, titled Eclipse. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. There is something about the air of Berlin that gives the music a certain whiff of something, similar to that air of Parisian or Icelandic music. You think I’m deluded? Ok maybe I am, but there’s no denying that straylove’s eclipse is, to put it mildly, sublime. 

Full of hazy, intimidating harmonies and drunken melodies, and courtesy of a drum performance so sick it makes the hairs on the backs of electronic music producers who sample their drum parts stand on edge, eclipse is a marvel of engaging electro psychedelia that proves that the realm of psychedelic music has so so much yet to offer. 

There’s no real point in discussing the production of ‘eclipse’. It’s terrific. Close to flawless actually, with amazing layering and mixing, and with just the right choices of effects to apply to the memorable vocals. The apparent rhythmic ambiguity rubs well against the syncopation of the drums, creating a feeling of being rhythmically disconcerted, and coupled with the harmonic and melodic apparent ambiguities as well, and the end result is a piece of music that’s endlessly dynamic and engaging. You simply never feel like you know where the piece will go next, and if you have the occasional expectation, you’ll most likely be wrong, but you’ll love it. 

The haunting vocals, the dramatic, ever-living drum grooves, the terrific, multi-faceted composition, and the crisp and succulent production job all make ‘eclipse’ a work of epic, jazzy, electronic psychedelia that’s incredibly easy to enjoy and to come back to time and again.