A parental guide? Or a family over abusive control? A track that is very relevant to our current generation’s dilemma, where youngsters become parents and deal with whatever their parents were like with their own hands.

Eat Your Peas!” A new alternative rock single released by the Italian artist Vince Chinaski based in Copenhagen, Denmark in a blended indie and art rock fusion.

The track begins with a cool vibrating sound of synths until the guitars start to play along with the drums with a fantastic bass line that draws the outline of the track.

Eat Your Peas!” enjoys vocals in a manner that serves the purpose of the track which is how parents keep protecting their kids not knowing that they are going to grow their own way despite the protection they provide.

The track sounds like the early Pink Floyd’s tracks given the subject and also the way the track is written in a mellow theme. And using synths is brilliant as it serves the drama within the track very well, also lyrics and guitar chords and the title “Eat Your Peas!” Is somewhat a commanding title inspired by the parental control that has a thin line between guide and abusive control.

The track will be released on the 27th of January, make sure you save the date and enjoy Vince’s creations.