Crossed Wires are a fuzzed out, 90s inspired pop-punk band from Halifax, NS. Their songs are filled with driving drums, catchy, melodic, pedal-drenched guitar, and relatable, infectious lyrics that will have you singing along to every word and nodding in agreement. With a sound that bears strong similarities to such 90s indie giants like Jawbreaker and Superchunk, Crossed Wires embrace the sonic diversity that exists out east and are completely at home playing shows sandwiched between shoegaze and metal.

Their song, “Looped,” is about getting stuck in an anxiety-fueled thought loop. You replay a scenario over and over in your head, wondering if it’s your fault, wondering what’s real and what’s just your brain playing tricks on you. The song itself mimics that with looping riffs that bleed into one another.

The band had been sitting on four out of the six songs on this record for nearly six years, and it was time to finish an EP so those songs could be out in the world. It finally took shape after a long period of intense writer’s block and self-doubt on frontperson Heather Grant‘s part, and a couple freshly written songs. The album’s title, Ellipsis, speaks to that feeling of leaving things unfinished, but also having more to say but not quite saying it.

Auteur Research