Since the age of 10, Shannon Darcey discovered her innate ability to sing…and she never stopped since.

Shannon won many, many prizes for her singing ability and voice…she continued and pursued this passion professionally and she’s now releasing hit after another…

Her latest song “Easier Said Than Done” is a very personal journey that Shannon has experienced and it is a song that many people will relate to…it’s written for the people who always talk and talk and say they will be there for you…but, it’s easier said than done, unfortunately.

Many people experience this kind of misplacement of trust…and this song is Shannon’s way to connect with all of these people…

“Easier Said Than Done” is an alternative punk rock song, with speed, energy and drive.

The song starts out with a relaxed ambient intro, only to be abruptly cut out with a drum fill and the sound of rocking guitars…then takes you like a rollercoaster into the first dive and into the ride.

The contrast of that ambient intro is beautiful…very cinematic and dreamy…not just that, but it also shows the range of Shannon’s vocal abilities and creativity…she took us from an ambient dream to a punk rock concert…gracefully.

Shannon is definitely a force to be reckoned with, she’s gifted, she’s versatile, she’s creative and she is passionate about her songs…a very effective combination that is surely to take her to places one can only dream of.

Shannon, you’re gifted and we’ll all there for you, wishing you all the best in life, you definitely deserve it.