Canadian rockers Drop Top Alibi (DTA) was formed in 2016 by Brandon Gregory and Dylan Wykes, after recording their debut EP. Luc Ricci and Jeff Cox were added to the mix and their heavy journey began. On the 18th of March, 2022 they released their latest single “Dylsong” which was produced by Graham Shaw (Crown Lands) and mastered by Harry Hess (Glorious Sons) and to make things interesting, they recorded it the old vintage way live off the floor which I find pretty cool. DTA described “Dylsong” as “most real and raw demonstration of what DTA is” and “the band’s most fierce and authentic song they’ve written.” So I was super excited to check it out.

“Dylsong” has a heavy, rocking intro riff that’ll prepare you and give you a taste of the whole song’s energy. I loved how jazzy and enjoyable the bass and drums sounded, they helped forge the song’s hype until that super catchy chorus hit you with its heavy groovy riff and energetic vocals and the way they changed the 2nd chorus’ pre-chorus made it even more dynamic and interesting. My favorite part was the interlude around min 2:10, I loved how it kept on building up with those guitar melodies thrown here and there until that pause before the chorus kicked in and boooooom I was jumping everywhere.

“Dyslong” is a cool, heavy and energetic tune and if that’s how the new DTA era is going to sound, I’m totally in. DTA has good command of their instruments and talent, they knew how to make a catchy song with an interesting structure and melodies and I believe this can take them even farther. Totally recommended and looking forward for much more. Cheers