Teasing their upcoming debut EP Comedy, the Irish rockers Stupid Son dropped their single Dylan’s Brain on the 7th of October 2023. Written through nights of insomnia caused by sleep paralysis and recorded, mixed, and mastered by Darragh Hansard (Thee U.F.O) in Orc’s Lair studios, Stupid Son takes you on a wild musical trip that you don’t wanna miss.

Stupid Son comes at you with full force with their raw authentic sound on Dylan’s Brain. Opening with a deep pulsing bassline and inviting vocals before delivering fluid fast old-school riffs, taking the song’s dynamics to the next level. Stupid Son‘s writing offered an interesting changing structure with significant twists and turns, keeping their sound fresh and entertaining while maintaining their catchy groove throughout this enjoyable rollercoaster. The diverse vocal delivery and harmonies played a major role in Dylan’s Brain’s energetic, engaging vibes that I believe would create some cool moments when played live, and with the relentless riffs and melodic guitar breaks people would be hooked and moving around throughout the whole song. 

Dylan’s Brain is a raw rocking tune with punk-ish vibes and a unique dynamic flow, it shows Stupid Son‘s special sound and how they mixed it with their influences creating a new experience for their listeners, and making me look forward to more from them. Keep on rocking guys, cheers!