Olivia Cummings

Superswell, an alternative rock band hailing from Brooklyn is gearing up to release their latest single “Dutch Courage” on February 24th. This follows their critically acclaimed debut single, “I Don’t Believe It’s True” which has amassed over 2k cumulative streams and more than 1k listeners on Spotify in just under a month.

The band’s lineup includes Dan Avedis Masotti on vocals and rhythm guitar, Robbie Woll on lead guitar, Harrison Kravis on drums, and Desmond Smith on bass.

With “Dutch Courage” the band delivers a grunge track with a dash of math rock elements. According to the band, “Dutch Courage” is “a satirical ode to booze”, “Despite its heavy message about using alcohol to cope with social anxiety, the song evokes nostalgia for crowded college dorm parties.”

The song itself is an energetic sonic masterpiece, with a killer guitar riff that sets the tone right off the bat. The grunge-inspired verses are driven by Dan’s impressive vocals backed by groovy bass and drums and sprinkled with a chorus guitar that fills the atmosphere. Throughout the song the band sneaks in math rock-inspired interludes, adding a unique energy to the overall sound. Fans of Nirvana and grunge music are sure to appreciate the song.

In conclusion, Superswell‘s upcoming release “Dutch Courage” promises to be another hit. The band’s unique blend of grunge and math rock is sure to captivate listeners and leave them eagerly waiting for more. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the release of this fantastic upcoming single.

Artwork by Haunted Fork