Melodic and heavy-hitting, Lou Panico’s latest single ‘Dunk Tank’ is sentimental and endlessly immersive.

Hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey, Lou Panico is a talented multi-instrumentalist, a singer and a songwriter currently based in Lublin. His sound that fuses the hard rock sound of Puddle of Mudd and Nickelback is back again with a brand new and punchy single. ‘Dunk Tank’ is a solidly mixed cut of nicely crafted pop punk that drips with a particular, hyped up charisma that effortlessly got me grooving.

From Panico’s volatile and vulnerable vocal delivery, unforgettably hectic on the song’s catchy choruses, poised and understated on the uber melodic verses. A tight layering job, the vocal part features a number of harmonies that fit like a glove on the main take, providing heft and grit to the part, next to the song’s scratchy, overdriven guitar riffs, the driving groove, and the wonderfully calculated mix. A full meal of high-octane pop punk.

‘Dunk Tank’ carries immense replay value. A song that comes and goes easily, easy to fall for, and equally easy to groove to, ‘Dunk Tank’ is a wholesome piece of characterful music that’s fun, well thought out, and well made.