9 o’clock Nasty kicks off their Summer of Collaboration with a vibrant and mind-bending single titled “Dude, Your Mom’s A Squid?” featuring I Am The Unicorn Head. Set to release alongside a trippy and colourful music video on June 17th, this collaboration is sure to leave a lasting impression. Hailing from Leicester, England, 9 o’clock Nasty is a dynamic post-punk/indie rock trio consisting of Pete Brock on guitar, keyboard, and vocals, Ted Pepper on bass and vocals, and Sydd Spudd on drums and vocals.

“Dude, Your Mom’s A Squid?” is a sonic journey blending garage, alternative, and indie rock, sprinkled with psychedelic elements. The band described the song as “You had something dodgy on that pizza, and the next moment you’re introducing your mother to god AND SHE’S A SQUID. It all makes sense”. With its funky guitar riff and an infectious old-school drum and bass combo, the track compels listeners to groove and dance to its irresistible rhythm. Layered on top is a melodic synth and brass section that completes the psychedelic atmosphere, immersing the audience in a truly unique musical experience.

“Your Mom’s A Squid?” is a fantastic addition to 9 o’clock Nasty‘s already impressive catalogue. The song’s fusion of genres and willingness to experiment with new sounds showcases the band’s versatility and artistic growth. With their unmistakable style and fearless approach to music-making, 9 o’clock Nasty continues to push boundaries and captivate listeners. This collaboration sets the stage for an exciting Summer of Collaboration leaving fans eagerly anticipating what the band has in store next.