Ready to start off your Friday with hippy-like performance and artist?

The third and final day started with: La Bomba de Tiempo

14-piece percussion troupe made their way from Argentina to get us on our feet dancing and shaking to their hippy/ Latin vibe with their hand clapping and banging their drums and percussions all this was conducted live by senior members taking turns.

You have no choice. You will dance! There’s this energy in the crowd that’s uncontrollable and addictive; the energy starts a bit more slow paced at first. Playing the crowd is their specialty. They love to interact with the crowd. It was a dance fest over there, everyone dancing and swaying to the beats, shaking their hips and spinning their dates around. The unisons of the group was mind boggling especially with so many members, and I think they were enjoying it as much as we did, the looks on their faces and the way they danced while playing gave made that abundantly clear.

Carlos Santana


Santana took us on a trip to Lala Land with his dream, Latin, rock music. I can honestly say that I experienced being in Woodstock when I heard him as he played ‘Black Magic Woman’.

Santana then implores us with his arms wide open asking them to, “Keep politics and religion on the side and to practice living in harmony and to unit all of us loving each other and also channeling our energy positively”.

The bassist gave us a strong solo followed by drum solo before giving Santanaspace to play ‘Maria Maria’ and got the crowd dancing and grooving on every strum he played and ending his set-list with ‘Smooth’. What a hipster, I think Santana gave us an experience to remember and words of wisdom to live by.

To sum up, all three days of the event were for both the artist and the fans. With all the organization and the different stands at the back where you can stand and still see the entire show happening and the proper space for the fans. I think the crowd did a great job interacting with the artist and the vibe was amazing, I really believe these three days left a huge mark in everyone’s heart and definitely left them with great memories for both the artist who are going to cherish the crowds reaction and for the crowd who left with a smile on their faces because they saw how dedicated the artist were.Kudos for the organizers and Emirates Airlines who did a great job on bringing those artists to Dubai.

Written by: Rim ElJurdi
Photography by: Hasan Kaissi
Edited by: NJ Bakr

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