With a cool sound that immediately brings to mind the Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 riffs, “Drown” is a Russian doll of a song. Lyrics have the sophistication of a Bob Dylan/Poets of the Fall song, while the upbeat post-punk sound brings to mind. “Drown” is the first single from their upcoming album Disconnect which is a sort of an alternate universe where insecurities and mental issues come to life. “Drown” makes having a meltdown cool, not in an insensitive way but more through the careful sewing of a punk rock sound with the modern doom generation. Through “Drown”, the band continuously charges itself up and down the genres, Contact Light claims the youth through their massive popularity in the VR community by tackling hard-edged subjects like trauma and harming others by simply being oneself.
“Drown” is Contact Light’s love song for Gen Xers, a modern spin on challenging stereotypes about mental illness and an emotional tribute spanned within a lighter pop-punk realm.

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Jaylan Salah