Bronwyn Jayne

Singer songwriter Jimmy Stanfield will release his upcoming blues rock single “Driving Through Your Life” on the 28th of February from Melbourne, Australia.

Jimmy Stanfield is a multi-instrumental musician and singer who wrote “Driving Through Your Life” and recorded vocals, guitar, and bass on the song, while Noah Bond is featured on the track for playing the drums and percussion parts.

The upcoming song “Driving Through Your Life” takes the structure of classic blues rock, and augments it with modern production and new sounds. 

“Driving Through Your Life” starts off deceptively simple, but soon enough and bit by bit, more elements are introduced into the song as it builds into an epic piece.

Every element on “Driving Through Your Life” is nailed to perfection from a music production standpoint. The guitars have a modern tone-defined overdrive, the drums are punchy and massive, the vocals are upfront and personal, and Jimmy’s sung vocal choirs sound epic, realistic, and harmonically and emotionally charged.

The song revolves around the theme of figuring out life as we go along. Jimmy Stanfield said: “‘Driving Through Your Life’ is about the process of navigating the labyrinth of your mind to find an idea, then directing it.”