First of all, I wish I could love my car the way drummer/singer/songwriter Jade Moede loved his ride as heard on his latest single “Drive on Skirtzy”.

With his interesting storytelling vocal delivery and mellow overdriven guitar tune, Jade Moede created a fun entertaining tune about the love of cruising and the bond it creates, and that surfing guitar melody he chose fit the mood perfectly. Being a drummer, Jade Moede succeeded in crafting a constant groove using every instrument including the vocal melody and that was the most interesting thing about it from my POV. 

 “Drive on Skirtzy” is a groovy tune that’ll get you moving with its engaging chorus and entertained with its fun story and the way it was delivered. The recording and mixing of “Drive n Skirtzy” is really neat, everything was recorded at Jade Moede’s home except for live drums that were recorded by Jon Evans at Brick Hill who engineered and mixed the song too while Mastering was made by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerlessmastering. I would love to get more into Jade Moede and will keep an eye on where he’ll go from here. Cheers!