Dream Tippers released a new single titled “Drive On A Sunny Day”…a mesmerizing time traveling experience taking us to the 50s…it was a lifelong dream moment…let’s jump into the lore of what led to this point…

Some of us out there have tasted the sweet passion of music making since an early age…maybe even dreaming of making music and performing…

I’d say not all of us might pursue this dream, but some do…

…and one of these awesome artists that went on and followed his dream through is Brian Cottrill of the band Dream Tippers.

Dream Tippers are a 50s rockabilly band that has the ability to take you to the soul of 50s rock America, a golden period in both the country’s history and its musical history too.

They recorded “Drive On A Sunny Day” at home and it was inspired by the Memphis’ iconic Sun Studio…a landmark in music history…they sang through the same microphones that once had Elvis and Johnny Cash stand in front of…and played the drums that was owned by Larry Mullen Jr of U2.

“Drive On A Sunny Day” is a very upbeat and full of sunshine kind of song…a true 50s rockabilly record that has all the nuances of a song that was created during that time period…with minimal modernization that keeps it intact, preserved…and if you’d listen to it after 50 years you’d still think it was done in the actual 50s.

From the iconic 50s rockabilly guitar intro lick, to the drum beats with the ride hitting all beats, the walking bass, the vocal performance and the guitar solo…everything keeps it authentic and real.

Surely, it will move you, me and the audience, we’ll steal some 50s moves and let it all out.

“Drive On A Sunny Day” will bring the best out of all audiences…it will brighten their day, it will bring out the best in them…and will make’em burn some calories too with all that dancing!

We wish all the best to Brian and the Dream Tippers, they’re making our day so much more enjoyable with their amazing music and energy.

Looking forward to their next releases.

Check out their latest four song EP “The Sound Of Sun” that was released on August 4 on all streaming platforms…and they do physical CDs too, available at