‘Drifting’ is the latest single by Antisolar. A stirring piece that touches on a delicate, dark topic: drug addiction.

The beautifully written yet sorrowful song story is about a married couple. From the wife’s perspective, the lyrics describe how she is struggling to keep herself together while also watching his husband battle with meth addiction and watching him fade away.

The melody feels closer to 90s Classic Rock, reminiscing the good old days when we would replay on our MP3s the songs of My Chemical Romance, HIM, Tokio Hotel and the likes.

With a youthful tone, the silvery vocals create a smooth, alluring contrast against the bold and strident guitars.

Olivier Raynal (based in Paris) and Andrew Doolittle (based in LA) have kept their friendship and musical partnership alive despite all odds.

‘Drifting’ actually hits close to home for Antisolar as the fierce rock song about Andrew’s best friend’s descent into meth addiction.

Before the group had a name, Antisolar two-power-duo started to collab occasionally over the years, helping each other out in different projects. Meanwhile, their careers blossomed: Olivier as an actor for Film and Television (The Crown), Theatre and Voice (Campaigns for Diesel and Mercedes-Benz); Andrew as a guitarist and sometimes musical director for artists including Rita Wilson, Idina Menzel and David Tao. 

Today, their new band, Antisolar, is the vehicle for sharing the music they’ve written together over the years through lots of remote music writing and aligning travelling schedules. 

‘Drifting’ had us flutter towards the closest tissue box. Not just because of the storyline and the realness behind the verses but also because of the heartbreakingly stirring music arrangement.