Based in Glasgow and originally hailing from the Moors of North Yorkshire, songwriter Drew Davies has made a name for himself with a host of iconic live shows. From London’s Scala and Underworld to Download Festival and Brudenell Social, the artist’s performances have led to support from an eclectic mix of radio stations

Now comes a fresh new single entitled ‘You’re The Only One’, alongside the announcement of Davies’ second album ‘Holloway Nights’. The track blurs the lines between boundless optimism and a darkened awareness, maintaining his signature sound of eclectic backdrops and a passionate vocal performance. Simultaneously ethereal and driven, the gorgeous electric guitar melodies, vocal layering and subtle synth fuzz all come together for a rich arrangement.

Davies shares an insight into the new single and upcoming album, “If Holloway Nights were a series of diary entries on the life cycle of a relationship, then ‘You’re the Only One’ would be the first entry. I wrote the original chords late one night after a chance encounter caused a frisson in me, the words followed shortly behind…It encapsulates the warmth, rapture and uncertainty felt when we first have that romantic fire lit in us. It’s my truest work to date.”

‘Holloway Nights’ is inspired by the world around Davies, interweaving themes of loss, love and humanity into the music. The sonic soundscapes he creates balances warmth and ominousness, building the atmospheres around his confessional narratives.

Press via Plus Music PR