Sonomancer is an Australian-based artist who combines different elements from musical genres into one like metal, futuristic, and indie vibe. He is mainly influenced by artists like Future Sound of London, Orbital, CoLD SToRAGE, Chemical Brothers, Boards of Canada, Leftfield, and Prodigy. He believes that his main reason for existence and purpose in life is to create music. with only 4 singles released so far since 2021 the artist is already setting himself on the map with thousands of views on YouTube and his songs are already on several playlists on Spotify, resulted in 2K monthly listeners on Spotify Only. 

“Dreamscapes” is his latest single released this year and has already been played 25K on Spotify. It’s an instrumental song with no vocal line but a unique and capturing essence. The song starts with a meditative, chill vibe and a lo-fi aesthetic setting you in a “Dreamscape” mood. This 4:29 minute track is a journey to a world of illusions that we all visit at some point yet each of us experiences it differently depending on our perception of the subconscious. A harp-like sound is repeated throughout the song to always remind you that you’re dreaming no matter where the journey takes you. The musical elements are not all introduced at once, it’s a build-up, and each element is added in its own time consecutively; like an electronic vocal sound appearing with a word and an electric guitar solo that is introduced later in the song. The drums were played by  Francy Karema in Australia while the guitar was by Joao Corceiro from Portgual with 2 incredibly good takes that the artist couldn’t decide which one to choose.

It’s an experience that will leave you a little hypnotized and in a creative state of mind while silencing your thoughts for a moment. Plug your headphones and just enjoy the ride.