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It’s not always easy for artists to release their first single or track, let alone a whole album, it requires a lot of tenacity, hard work, and acceptance of obstacles. Sam Grundemann who goes by Staytus went all out and is ‘unleashing’ her debut album this year “Disease of The Mind,” which has a total of 13 tracks.
The artist comes from a strong musical background powered by extensive education and experience. She’s a composer, songwriter, musician, vocalist, audio engineer, and producer. She has been releasing singles since 2019, each with the character that signifies it from the other. ‘Dream from Hell’ is the 3rd single released from the album; it’s dark, unexpected, yet expressive. She uses different synths, distorted guitar sounds, and electronic sound effects combining 2 genres in one. She created this album as a way of coping with mental health struggles, as a way of therapy, and moving forward. It has a wide range of emotions that are expressed in it, between despair, anger, aggression, and pain from being abused multiple times. Her fierce character shows in every aspect of the song, even the website, artwork, images, and choice of logo. Grundemann wrote, sang, produced, and recorded the entire album herself while playing every instrument on the record. As for the final mixing and mastering of the album, she worked with Grammy-nominated music producer Adam W. Berg at Manifest Music, a state-of-the-art music production facility. Stay tuned for all the whole album to be released soon and enjoy the emotional journey, Staytus is planning to take you on.