A sentimental dreamy theme of the fairy tales we grew up on, from album art to the melodies and synthesizers that create an angelic vibe throughout the track that stun you like a Wizard.

From the city of New York that became later a City of Angels vibes thanks to the track “Dream Bed” released by the Classic/Indie Rock artist David Jacobson and the Space Wizards that is part of the newly released self titled “David Jacobson and the Space Wizards 2”.

“Dream Bed” is a mood influencer track that drives you off all the chaos to throw in the sunlight upon some snowy roads that make you feel like it’s Xmas again. Just by the intro when the brass instruments begin to sound up along with the synths and the simple light drum track, it shifts your mood completely and gets you in a dreamy position where you could be able to sense those angels with no blinks or eye shuts.

The track has a fusion between classic rock vocal keys and pitches and the modern sound touch with the instruments. It’s like a classic rock ballad was remastered to emerge its contemporary elements fitting perfectly with the music along with the wonderful vocals that are dreamy as a Disney princess’ movie theme track.

David Jacobson and the Space Wizards seamlessly transferred us into a dreamy pose on their “Dream Bed”. So if you want sweet dreams, there is space in the bed.