Going for a fierce yet vulnerable storytelling approach, the Canadian Avalon Stone takes the world by storm with her rise to fame…and now, taking it to another level with her latest single “Drag Me”.

Avalon joined forces with the Juno award-winning brilliant producer Kevin Dietz and features a mind-blowing performance by lead guitarist Caleb Bourgeois.

…a recipe for an instant hit, and an instant hit it is.

From its powerful lyrical statement “Only I could drown while in a drought”…we know that we’re in for a powerful storytelling experience…and that’s from the lyrical point of view, but when you get hit by the music…it’s like getting hit by the hard rock train…head on…

Powerful verses with excellent arrangement that’s even elevated even more with the hard-hitting chorus…it’s like a hard rock whirlwind of soaring vocals and powerful musical presence…

Avalon Stone is a force to be reckoned with and she’s making tsunami waves in the world,  and rightfully so…she’s got the secret mojo and she’s joining forces with super-talented artists and producers to give it her all…200% in overdrive mode…with over 300 live shows and a growing global fan base, Avalon Stone is rapidly becoming a notable figure in the rock music landscape. Her previous single, “Forget You,” has garnered almost 90K streams, and “Drag Me” is poised to make an even bigger impact.

Wishing all the best to the brilliant artist Avalon Stone…and let me just say that her latest single “Drag Me” is not an experience to be missed, at all costs…check it out right now.