Credit: Mat Schladen

Born in Louisville, Kentucky a classical punk/grunge rock band that is influenced by rock icons such as Nirvana, The Doors, and Deftones titled “The Histrionics”.

The Histrionicsreleased a new track of their upcoming long-awaited album “You Are The Ugliest Part Of My Body”  track which is titled “Downturn” in a punky unique theme.

Downturn” begins with some kind of a highly distorted bass guitar that formulates the main riff of the track that keeps going throughout the track, along with blasting grunge drumming accompanied by unclear punky vocals to make it a classic.

You Are The Ugliest Part Of My Body” is a concept album that is having some kind of a horror perspective adjacent to it. And he looks with prying eyes at his victim in “Downturn” as he convinces his victim to go down to the ground with him. 

The lyrics to “Downturn” came a bit short and made it somewhat hard to interpret what is the track’s aim, however, it remained vague and foggy, which perfectly suits the horror concept of the album. 

  • Lyrical Tip: lyrics are available on for the whole album.

Grungy horror guitar sounds jumped in along with kick-ass solos that made the night even more frightening like a classic 90’s horror movie. The Histrionicsmanaged to get themselves on the same page in the process of composing “Downturn” combining all pieces and instruments altogether.

Listen to “Downturn” and the album “You Are The Ugliest Part Of My Body” and tell us how badly spooked are you.