The Nantes-based Insane Blue go back to the early 90s when its core duo started working on music together, getting more serious as the time went on, featuring a plethora of singers and players on their music. On-again off-again, Insane Blue have undeniable experience, shaped by long years in the business. 

Down with the Miracles is their latest single. This alarming, angry take on the atrocities of war is, needless to say, deeply profound, especially for today’s world, ravaged by corruption and torn by all kinds of strife, and on the verge of a third world war. Down with the Miracle is a beautiful piece of music, loaded with anger, in the shape of a heavily fuzzed out guitar that stays throughout the song, in the background, like an eerie static signal, a solid, unerring drum part, and a dramatic vocal delivery. The words are essentially bleak and dark, but amid the darkness, rays of light emerge, in the shape of our unifying desire for peace. Insane Blue states that this song was played at the front in Ukraine, adding a lot of artistic and cultural weight to its shoulders, a weight that the song effortlessly carries.

Down with the Miracle was made to be embraced among the tens of other anti-war songs, Characterized by anger and rebellion. Alice in Chains’ Rooster, The Cranberries’ Zombie, and many more similar statement-loaded songs have now, readily, welcomed a new brother to the roster.