“Pen Down” is the latest track from Penryn, Cornwall-based 5-piece band “KLEN”, or as they better describe themselves “three guitarists, no bass and a drummer pummeling from the standing position”. This interesting arrangement made the music sound thick and grounded, reminding me of the infamous White Stripes album Elephant. The vocals have a special kind of processing and reverb that make the vocals sound more vulgar and expressive. One thing I love about KLEN is the special codenames and roles they dub themselves with. You know a band is booming with creativity when these names are:

Rough Skin – guitar maestro and exfoliator extraordinaire.

Bill-upon-Tubs A.K.A. Sticks B. Slippin – half human, half river, half beat-maker… half sonic macerator.

Orlando Nice – the third limb, hardcore noise specialist.

And their newest member, Melvin Schæfferhoof A.K.A The Financial Ombudsman. 

The drums alternate between a sound that feels like a marching band and another faster beat that’s more like a blast beat. Such variation between powerful sounds gives the track replayability and a nice grungy vibe. I can’t wait to hear more music from these eclectic and eccentric fourth dimensioners.



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