Unleashing his dense sound and catchy writing skills, International Furlough dropped the two singles Blind in One Eye and Down on the Pharm on the 25th of March 2023. Being the brainchild and solo project of the Denver-based multi-instrumentalist/lyricist Ian Luddy, International Furlough can shoot right into your “2023 Favorites” list with that uniquely entertaining sound and flow with the support of Ryan Elwood on drums and production of  Jeff Kanan with The Keep Recording. Let me tell you more about it as we dig deeper together into Down on the Pharm

International Furlough will come at you with full force right from the intro of Down on the Pharm with intense riffs and pounding fat bass, cementing his heavy sound and energetic vibes. Down on the Pharm has a dynamic structure, the verse acting like a launching pad for explosively banging bridge and chorus but it doesn’t stop there, the structure keeps on evolving with multi-layered complex riffing that kept me headbanging till the very end following that hard-hitting crunchy bass and raw fluid riffs. International Furlough‘s attacking groove kept me hooked and entertained throughout the whole song, as he crafted the riffs and dynamic shifts carefully and cleverly in an eargasmic-pleasing way for my metalhead ears. 

Down on the Pharm is a catchy groovy tune with an unpredictable flow and well-written and arranged twists and turns. It shows International Furlough‘s full control of his sound and direction as he managed to create a solid coherent structure while steering the dynamics to keep things heavy and entertaining. Looking forward to more from International Furlough, keep on rocking. Cheers!