Rock group Barnum’s Freak released a new progressive rock fusion single titled “Doubt” on the 16th of March from Italy.

Since their inception over a decade ago in 2012, Barnum’s Freak have taken countless inspirations from many musical genres in order to come up with their unique, atmospheric, complex, and otherworldly music.

With three singles being released so far this year by Barnum’s Freak, the first of which is titled “Doubt” paints a vivid picture of the world of sound that the band shapes with their music.

“Doubt” is a six-minute instrumental that is nothing short of a symphony in its own right, with fluid movements that flow through each other seamlessly.

“Doubt” is hard to classify into any one genre of music, as it has so many elements from progressive rock, fusion, blues, folk, and perhaps Avant-Garde.

Nothing here sounds over-produced nor cheap. Every element of the song sounds completely authentic and conveys mysterious emotions that aptly fit the title of the track “Doubt”.

Progressive rock fans are really going to love this one. It has all the complexities of progressive music that make it unique and interesting, from odd time signatures, key changes, and complete shifts in arrangement.