Moon Walker is a rock n roll duo consists of Harry Springer (Vocals/Guitars) and Sean McCarthy (Drums), they have a wide range of influences from Rage Against The Machine to Led Zeppelin and this appears clearly in Doombox, the 1st single off their upcoming record that we’re going to review right away.

Doombox is the unexpected mix between groovy nu metal tunes and classic rock tunes with perfect electronic effects. It is one hell of a catchy tune that kept me jumping while playing it over and over again. The shifts between the intro, verse, bridge and chorus are very smooth, the vocal melody and flow fits the music perfectly and the vocal effects were applied neatly.
This can be the next rock n roll evolution, its heavy, groovy and mixes a lot of styles that’ll appeal to young generation. Can’t wait for the record and would love to do a review for it then.