The Singaporean singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonny Ong, based in London, is back with his mind-blowing single that will set you off to a retro alternative reality and make you feel and shout its title, “Don’t Wake Me From This Dream.”

It’s impossible to overlook any aspect of “Don’t Wake Me From This Dream” It’s all “just too perfect to be real,” as the lyrics suggest. Jonny Ong hasn’t missed a single detail, resulting in a flawless, timeless piece that will make you celebrate the resurrection of The Beatles.

Having talents isn’t enough to make you have an exquisite product, but only when you know how to use them precisely will you entice the mind and soul with what we could call a polished piece of art. Listening to Jonny Ong’s “Don’t Wake Me From This Dream” made me forget for a while that I was supposed to write about it. I simply kept listening to it, immersed in its aesthetics, blended sound, and superb vocal delivery, and enjoying the genuine atmosphere it creates. 

Back to reality and starting to realize that I have to begin writing and using words to describe the high-end masterpiece I heard. It kicks in with a bang, which makes you hooked right from the start and mentally hung between the musical’s best eras. Jonny Ong nailed making a balanced equation between the many influences, such as a nature’s journey that got him inspired to write the song, legendary bands’ sounds like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, infused genres with rock being the dominator, and jazz hints present to add glamour.

It’s a four-minute earworm and an energy booster. Jonny Ong’s passionate, charismatic vocals convey the sensational, playful lyrics in a compelling manner, as if he’s putting a spell on you. The instruments feel like they’re circling around the vocals and singing along at full blast. The harmonies are mesmerizing and one of the main reasons why The Beatles’ influence is crystal clear. The dreamy jazz undertones are symphonic, and the solo part makes you feel like you’re watching a black&White music video and enjoying a quality classic sound.

The song, which is brilliantly produced by Scott Knapper, deftly mixed at the storied Abbey Road Studios, and lavishly soaked with musical skill and spirited ambiance, is only flawed by the fact that it doesn’t endure forever.