Mark Shepherd’s latest single is a hearty piece of runaway blues, all with slide acoustic guitar, a commanding vocal performance that tells you exactly what you should do, and a sense of impending danger.

Based in Royston, England, Mark Shepherd is a singer and songwriter with a distinctive voice and a knack for expressive folk music that blends blues and Americana together in a fresh sound. ‘Don’t Stop Walking’, Shepherd’s latest single, is a piece that ticks all of those boxes. 

Inspired by childhood memories that are a little on the darker side of childhood memories, ‘Don’t Stop Walking’ is about being scared to walk home at night, and with its danger-filled composition that’s delivered via a warm and boomy acoustic and some impassioned rhythm playing, the piece manages to easily strike a chord. Shepherd’s vocals and lyrics are exceptional on this cut. In their simplicity lies the secret to how efficient they are. In short, Mark is telling the younger version of himself to head home and never look back, because if you’re scared, there might be something scary indeed, and if you feel like there’s something behind you, there might be just that. Something tells me that the younger Shepherd would have really not appreciated this tune. 

With Shepherd’s raspy voice, his eerie composition and impressionistic lyrics, ‘Don’t Stop Walking’ is a piece of simple, bluesy goodness that makes me thankful I’m not as gullible as I was when I was a kid. If you want to listen to a song that makes you feel a little better about being older, Mark Shepherd has got you covered.