Hannah Hall

The Nashville-based band, The Thing With Feathers, decided to depict the insecurities in a relationship with an energetic atmosphere in their single, “Don’t Break My Heart,” which is the first of five singles from their upcoming sophomore EP.

The Thing With Feathers are the quartet, David Welcsh (on vocals), Sean Carroll (on bass), Alex Hendricks (on lead guitar) and Chris Roussell (on drums). They’re four musicians playing, but in one sense, they mash together ideally and result in their own organic sound.

“Don’t Break My Heart” embodies the band’s Classic, Alt-Rock sound. The intro features fantastic guitar riffs that evoke an 80’s vibe and will never fail to hook you. Soon after, it is joined by dynamic drumming that gets you all bouncy and hyped.

The lyrics capture the way a couple feels when there is insecurity, especially when it comes from the male partner. It’s like a movie scene with smooth dialogue and illustrates the struggle between being solid and shaking.

Vocally, it can’t get any better! I can imagine this song being played at a concert and once David Welcsh sings the opening line, the crowd goes insane. He has velvety, melodic, and charming vocals; the kind that gets you engaged and singing along instinctively.

Maybe the lead character in the song doubts that he can keep up, but these guys know how to keep up with each other and play in sync. The production of the single highlights each one’s musicianship and fosters an euphoric mood. They managed to keep the ambiance positive, amiable, and dancy in a pointing-at-a-problem song. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP!