The latest single from Brooklyn-based punk veteran Lord Sonny The Unifier is the culmination of all things punk and goth. “Don’t Be An Asshole” has enough distorted guitars and heavy snare drums to sound like post-punk, synths and pianos to sound like darkwave and goth rock, and most pleasantly surprising is the melodic lead guitar playing that reminds me of hard rock and shock rock. The song has a stompy intro with the drums and piano that the guitars intercept to make it sound heavier. Such an arrangement reminded me of Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, and it’s always a pleasure when I hear a modern-sounding song stay in touch with its roots and influences like this. The tone of the guitars is made in such a way that ensures it sounds rich without feeling overproduced or lost in the crowded layers. If I have to give credit where it’s due, the producer behind this incredible balance deserves a reward. The song’s chorus has one main vocal layer and several other backing ones that are mostly head voice and falsetto, which create this vintage-y feeling and add more of that biker/punk attitude to the singing. This song has the perfect balance between psychedelic, rock n roll, and artsy elements…and with Lord Sonny’s unique voice and gritty technique, I’m sure lots of listeners will instantly become avid fans upon hearing this track.