Well on the road to releasing their new album Sweet Melancholy (Deluxe), Australian four-piece Dolce Blue are seeing a fresh wave of support coming their way, arriving on the back of a packed eighteen months. After singing to Blue Grey Pink, the band embarked on a tour across the nation, supporting Sly Withers, Shag Rock, Noah Dillon, Lucy Peach, Dulcie, Little Quirks, and Ghost Care, and showcasing the initial release of Sweet Melancholy at BIGSOUND 2023. With continued local support and recent press attention, Dolce Blue’s unique sound seems to be a winner.

For their latest single ‘Typical Kind of Fun’, Dolce Blue present a track that encapsulates the subtle beauty of their sound. An essence of acceptance in the heartache, a relishing in the pain of love. The vocals, performed by frontwoman Veronica Zurzolo and drummer Brody Honey, are reserved, and pulled back, never feeling the need to be overly expressive or break down over the themes, falling into each bar with small sparkles of passion appearing on occasion. The mood is low, but there is some optimism in the dreaminess of it all, sunlight breaking through the mist. 

Veronica explains,Brody came to me with some songs he had started writing, one of them was just a snippet which is the opening few lines of Typical Kind of Fun that I felt really drawn to, I could relate to the idea of somebody having a hold on you and the disappointment and betrayal of finding out that that person is not really who you thought they were, so I expanded on it to form the rest of the song. It’s always just a song that’s stuck in my head, and I’m glad that we’ve finally recorded it and Brody’s built up the confidence to share his singing voice!”

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