One of the reasons why I’m a music addict is that it can speak through people, be a voice for important cases, and be a consoling companion in hard times. But music doesn’t have to carry a message to be good, especially in the summer, when it’s hot, sweaty, and crowded. Therefore, all we need are fresh, sunny songs that get us hyped and moving. The Qwarks have made a blend that will get you wondering and dancing in their song, “Dog Ate My Homework.”

The Brighton-based trio’s music is all about variety. With their Rock ‘N’ Roll, psychedelic sound, and amusing, sarcastic tone, they’ve created songs that discuss diverse topics, such as: the weird realm of social media and its consequences, in “You Are Not Fans,” and the struggle to get gigs, in “Throne of Your Grace.” And their single “Dog Ate My Homework,” which is the second song they’ve released from their upcoming second album that will be dropped this Fall, is a fun one with a hazy yet interesting topic and catchy riffs.

In my point of view, the song took me to a world where things are upside down and rules are reversed. It’s a place where people roll down the stairs, cats make sin, and dogs actually eat homework—the students’ big lie is finally true haha—and the lyrics, along with the humorous performance, urge your imagination to go further. What the band said about the song is what describes it best: “Sometimes songs emerge from a mystical ether where the song is already written, and the writer is simply a vessel for it to touch down. Johnstone genuinely seems to believe that the song was delivered to him in the garden by an unknowable, mysterious source.”

Maybe the band members weren’t sure what the song meant, but they surely knew how to compose the ideal rocky, psychedelic, funky-toned sound for it. The guitar riffs, bouncy drumming, and bass lines give you just the energy dose needed for the summer vibes.

If you’re a Rock person who’s a fan of Cardiacs, Black Midi, and Zappa, you’ll become The Qwarks’ fan. And if you’re an adventurer who likes venturing into alternate realities, you’ll enjoy your three and a half minutes of listening to “Dog Ate My Homework.”