What’s more powerful than a couple of notes that can build a connection between two people who never knew each other? That’s the power of music and that’s the experience I went through with Jem’s “Do I Wanna Know” off his debut 2022 EP “Don’t Let Me Disappear”.

As he uses songwriting as an emotional outlet and way to express his feelings, Turkish singer/songwriter Jem mixes his western influences with his Middle Eastern musical roots creating his very own sound.

Using his expressive voice with the perfect melody and guitar tone, Jem succeeded in creating a melancholic mood of being lost in reality looking for answers to questions we never dared to ask. His authentic and sincere warm voice mixed with those dark yet relaxing guitar melodies will make you wish he never stops; Jem used his vocal delivery to control the song’s dynamics and threw guitar licks here and there backing up his words in a clever way showing a high sense of melody and a keen eye on details. 

“Do I Wanna Know” is a sample of Jem’s musicianship and shows his confidence in delivering the mood and feeling he wants using the most appropriate notes in a sincere, artistic way away from all the showing off and overly done technicalities. “Do I Wanna Know” is simply PURE ART. Thanks Jem for this heartful piece, looking forward to more. Cheers!