While listening to Kate Grahn’s latest single “Do I Like Him” I feel like I’m at 2 places, 2 time periods at the same time…and I can only say that I’m loving this experience of duality…let me tell you why…and how.

“Do I like Him” has a very mellow start…with some soundscapes in the background to Kate’s rich voice…but she’s still going easy on us up to this moment…

…then the beat and the guitars jump in..along with the vocal harmonies…

…this is building up so quickly…and we jump head first into a 90s pop/grunge song with huge sounding guitar riffs and matching drum beats…

The energy is palpable and you can only jump to the beat on the bed and sing along…you don’t have an option, it captivates you instantly.

Kate’s lead vocals and harmonies are definitely a huge highlight here…her vocal range and character is mind blowing…and she uses these soaring vocals to even end on a very high note…literally.

“Do I Like Him” is the fifth single of her upcoming album “Late Bloomer”…and when asked about this song, Kate explained it this way…

“This is the melodic version of the phrase ‘I want what I can’t have.’ It’s the pop rock rendition of getting the ick the minute someone starts liking you.”

Kate is based in LA, USA and she will be performing her latest single “Do I Like Him” and many more at her home town’s Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood on July 6…you should go because Kate’s voice is awesome and the music is a blast to listen to…want another reason? Her upcoming show is free!

We can’t wait to experience her upcoming album “Late Bloomer”…it’s shaping up to be an absolute joy to give it a go.

Wishing you Kate all the best in your professional and personal careers…you deserve it.


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