A career as both a voice actor and audiobook narrator, dMh, or David Morely Hale, has also intermittently self-released music. From contemporary classical solo piano to BBC Radio acknowledgement and a Stephen Fry narration, dMh has had an eclectic musical journey. The next major project for the artist is the forthcoming album ‘Songs From The North’, which will feature covers of iconic tracks from artists and bands from the North of England.

dMh first teased this project with his inventive cover of Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’, and has now returned with a guitar-driven version of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s ‘Messages’. This new avenue of guitars over synths is impressively arranged, with layers upon layers of melodies building up the soundscape. There’s a post-punk edge to the track, adding a grittiness to the original solemn single. A faithful homage, fans must now wait in anticipation for tracks from  The Fall, Jethro Tull, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Human League.

dMh adds, “I always loved the original and felt the song could lend itself quite nicely to a rock-ish guitar treatment”

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